N+1 Redundant Series

Product Information

The ICT Redundant Power Series is the solution to your critical power needs. True redundancy means that if a module failure occurs, the other modules will continue to supply power. ICT’s N+1 systems are available from 35 to 140 Amps depending on the output voltage selected. They are manually switchable between 120 and 220 VAC input voltages and are available in 13.8 and 27.6 VDC output voltages. They come standard with system monitoring functions through a D-sub connector, with signals such as module ok, over-temperature warning, analog DC output current, fan failure, and AC fail. Wall mount brackets and a rack mount adapter are included with each N+1 system.

Feature Highlights

  • True redundancy
  • 120 to 220 VAC manual switch
  • Quick swap modules
  • System status monitoring
  • High efficiency
  • Double-sided circuit boards
  • Precise load sharing
  • Redundant or-ing diode
  • 2 year warranty